Belaidis telefonas Panasonic KX-TG1911FXG

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Colour  G [Black Cabinet with Silver LCD panel]  
Cordless Handset (Quantity)  1.0  
Frequency  1.9 GHz  
Frequency Range  1.88 GHz - 1.90 GHz  
Number of Channels  120 Channels  
System  DECT  
DECT Security Mode  -  
GAP  -  
Number of Phone Lines  1  
Multiple Cordless Handsets Capability  -  
Multiple Base Units Capability  -  
LCD Language  Albanian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, English, Estonian, German, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Polish, Romanian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovene  
Wi-Fi® Connection  -  
Bluetooth® Class  -  
Eco Function 
One Touch Eco Mode/ Eco Mode  -  
Radiation Free  -  
Smartphone Connect 
Smartphone Connect  -  
Multiple Smartphones Capability  -  
Supported Devices  -  
Wireless Network Standard  -  
Simplified Configuration  -  
Easy Wi-Fi Setup Button  -  
Wi-Fi Repeater Mode  -  
Phonebook Copy from Smartphone  -  
Ringtone Copy from Smartphone  -  
Wallpaper Image Copy from Smartphone  -  
Conference Call with Outside Landline and Smartphone  -  
Transferring Landline Call (between Smartphone and Handsets)  -  
Playing Answering System Messages  -  
Key Finder Compatible  -  
Multiple Key Finder Capability  -  
Repeater Available  -  
Clear Sound  -  
Noise Reduction (Cordless Handset)  -  
Noise Reduction (Answering System)  -  
Customized Sound System (Equalizer)  -  
HAC (Hearing Aid Compatibility) Support  -  
Power Back-Up Operation  -  
Power Outage Operation  -  
Baby Monitor  -  
Smart Function Key  -  
Any Key Answer  Yes  
Do Not Disturb Mode  -  
Bypassing Do Not Disturb Mode (Specified Phonebook Category)  -  
SMS  -  
Call Restriction  -  
Distress Call  -  
Conference Call with Outside Line  -  
Call Share  -  
Intercom (Between Cordless Handset and Base Unit)  -  
Intercom (Between Cordless Handsets)  -  
Intercom All  -  
Clock  Yes  
Calendar/Scheduler  -  
Alarm (Wake-up / Memo alarm)  Yes/ -  
Advanced Alarm (A day of the week / Snooze)  -/ -  
Bluetooth Headset Capability (HSP Support)  -  
Bluetooth Audio Headphone/Speaker Capability (A2DP Support)  -  
Caller ID/ Phonebook 
Caller ID  Yes *1  
Caller ID Memory  50 items *1, *2  
Call Waiting Caller ID  Yes *3  
Category Ringer / Private Ringer  -/ -  
Category Display Colours  -  
Talking Caller ID (Cordless Handset)  -  
Talking Caller ID (Base Unit)  -  
Talking Caller ID Language  -  
Nuisance Call Block  -  
Block Range of Numbers  -  
Block Numberless Call  -  
Nuisance Call Block Registration using Call Block Button (Cordless Handset)  -  
Nuisance Call Block Registration using Call Block Button (Base Unit)  -  
Handset Phonebook Memory (Name/Number)  50 items (12 char/ 24 digits)  
Base Unit Phonebook Memory (Name/Number)  -  
Shared Phonebook  -  
Phonebook Copy (Cordless Handset to Cordless Handset)  -  
Phonebook Copy from Mobile Phone via Bluetooth  -  
One-Touch Dial on Base Unit  -  
Speed Dial/ Meory Dial on Cordless Handset  -  
Speed Dial on Base Unit  -  
Chain Dial (Cordless Handset)  Yes  
Chain Dial (Base Unit)  -  
FRITZ BOX Compatibility 
Use of FRITZ Box Phonebook  -  
Caller ID (Name/Number) Indication  -  
Cordless Handset 
Receiver Amplification  -  
LCD  1.25 inch (3.2 cm) Monochrome 12 digits x 1 line  
LCD Backlight Colour  Amber  
Illuminated Keypad  -  
Speakerphone (Volume Steps)  -  
Full Duplex Speakerphone  -  
Icon Operation (Number of Icons)  -  
Ringer Pattern (Tone+Melody)  12 (6 + 6)  
Polyphonic Ringer Melody  -  
Ringer Volume Steps  5 + OFF  
Receiver Volume Steps  5.0  
Redial Memory  10 (Name & Number) *2  
Digits of Redial Number  24.0  
Auto Redial  -  
Ringer Indicator (Colour)  -  
Charge Indicator (Colour)  -  
Hold  -  
Mute  Yes  
Key Lock  -  
Headset Jack  -  
Secure Grip  -  
Short Stroke Key  -  
Wall Mountable (Charger)  -  
Base Unit 
Dial Keypad  -  
Corded Handset  -  
Display  -  
Speakerphone (Volume Steps)  -  
Ringer Pattern (Tone+Melody)  -  
Ringer Volume Steps  -  
Redial Memory  -  
Auto Redial  -  
Mobile Locator  -  
Hold  -  
Mute  -  
Handset Locator  Yes  
Wall Mountable  Yes  
Answering System 
Answering System  -  
Total Recording Time  -  
Fast-Forwarding and Rewinding Message  -  
Audible Message Alert  -  
New Message Notification by a Call  -  
Announcement Language of New Message Notification  -  
New Message Notification by an SMS  -  
Visual Message List (Handset LCD)  -  
Recording Conversation  -  
Speaker Volume Steps (Base Unit Speaker)  -  
Call Screening (Cordless Handset)  -  
Call Screening (Base Unit)  -  
Language of Pre-recorded Greeting Message  -  
Remote Operation from Cordless Handset  -  
Remote Operation from Outside (DTMF)  -  
Toll Saver (New Messages Recorded / No New Message)  -  
Key Finder Included (Quantity)  -  
Repeater Included  -  
Belt Clip Included  -  
Optional Handset 
Optional Handset  -  
Rechargeable Battery  Ni-MH (AAA x 2)  
Talk Time  Up to 15 hours *4  
Standby Time  Up to 170 hours *4  
Charge Time  About 7 hours  
Power Consumption 
Base Unit Standby Power Consumption  0.6 W  
Charger Standby Power Consumption  -  
Dimensions/ Weight 
Base Unit Dimensions (H x W x D)  Approx. 50 mm x 90 mm x 100 mm  
Cordless Handset Dimensions (H x W x D)  Approx. 159 mm x 49 mm x 30 mm  
Charger Dimensions (H x W x D)  -  
Interface Box Dimensions (H x W x D)  -  
Key Finder Dimensions (H x W x D)  -  
Repeater Dimensions (H x W x D)  -  
Base Unit Weight  Approx. 100g  
Cordless Handset Weight with Battery  Approx. 130g  
Charger Weight  -  
Interface Box Weight  -  
Key Finder Weight  -  
Repeater Weight  -  


Note *1 Requires subscription to Caller ID service offered by your provider/ telephone company. *2 Requires registration in the phonebook to display the name. *3 Requires subscription to both Caller ID and Call Waiting with Caller ID services offered by your provider/ telephone company. *4 Actual battery performance depends on usage and ambient environment.

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