Barzdaskutė Panasonic ES-LV95-S803

  • 5-Blade
  • 14,000 cpm
  • Wet/Dry
275,00 €
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Blade Material  stainless  
Number of Blades  5  
Curved Blade  yes  
Multi-fit Arc Foil  yes  
Inner Blade Angle (deg.)  30 (Nano)  
Multi-direction pivoting head  yes  
Finishing Foil  yes  
Lift Foil  yes  
Movable Head  yes  
Motor Speed (rpm)  14000 rpm  
Linear Motor  yes  
Indicator  Multi functional LED  
Pop-Up Trimmer  yes  
Rechargeable  yes  
Washable  yes  
Wet and Dry  yes  
Cleaning Station  yes  
turbo cleaning mode  yes  
Automatic Cleaning System  yes  
Beard sensor control  yes  
Switch ON/OFF lock  yes  
Power Supply  RC only  
Charging Time (hours)  1 hour  
Operating Time (min)  45  
Universal Voltage  Yes (110-240V)  
Battery Type  Lith-Ion  
General Data 
Color  Black-Titan  
Standard Accessories 
Travel Pouch  No  
Charging Stand  no  
Replacement foil  WES9173Y1361  
Replacement foil and blade  WES9032Y1361  
Inner Blade  WES9068Y1361  
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