Belaidis telefonas Panasonic KX-TG8161FXB

Illuminated Keypad and LCD
Smart Function Key (Top Key)
200-Name and Number Phonebook

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GAP     Compatible 
SMS     no 
SMS Log     no 
Multiple Handsets     6 
Multiple Bases     1 
Voice Enhancer     yes 
Navigation Key     yes 
Joystick     no 
Illuminated Keypad     yes 
Speakerphone     yes 
Headset Jack     yes 
Ringer LED     yes 
Redial Memory     10-Redial Memory (Number & Names) 
Auto Redial     no 
Mute     Yes(soft key) 
Private Ringing     Y( Category Ringer ) 
Caller ID
Caller ID Compatibility     yes 
Caller ID Log     yes 
Audible Caller ID     no 
Number of Entries     200 Stations (Name & Number) 
Phonebook Copy     yes 
Hot-Key Dialing (Number of Entries)     9 
Recordable Customised Ringer     no 
Number of Melodies     30 
Number of Tones (Pre-installed)     10 
Download of Ringer Melodies     no 
Ringer Volume (6 steps + off)     yes 
Step-up Ringer     6 steps + off 
Ringer Volume Steps     yes 
LCD Type     1.8inch TFT color (65.000 colours) 
LCD Backlight     white 
Time & Date (Clock)     yes 
Alarm     yes 
Call Bar     no 
Call Restriction     yes 
Conference Call     yes 
Key Lock     yes 
Any Key Answer     yes 
Multiple Language Display     yes (14) 
Night Mode     yes 
Walkie Talkie     no 
SMS Text Entry Method     no 
Voice Search for Phonebook     no 
Ear Receiver Volume (3 steps)     no 
Ear Receiver Volume     4 steps 
Baby Monitor     no 
PC Connection     no 
Infrared     no 
Battery Type     Rechargeable Ni-MH (AAA x 2) 
Charge Time     7Hours 
Standby Time     Up To 250-Hour Standby 
Talk Time     Up To 12-Hour Talk Time 
Optional Handset     KX-TGA815 
Base Unit
Keypad     no 
Navigation key     no 
Phonebook     no 
LCD     7segLED 2digits 
Speakerphone     no 
Ringer Tone     no 
Wall Mount     yes 
Redial / Auto Redial     no 
Caller ID
Caller ID Compatibility     no 
Caller ID Log     no 
Flash (msec)     no 
Pause     no 
Locator or Paging     yes 
Total Recording Time     30 
2-Way Recording     no 
Screening     yes 
Base Unit (mm)
Width     108.0 
Height     82.0 
Depth     91.0 
Handset (mm)
Width     48.0 
Height     160.0 
Depth     30.0 
Charger (mm)
Width     72.0 
Height     43.0 
Depth     81.0 
Base Unit (g)     160.0 
Handset (g)     130.0 
Charger (g)     50.0 

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