Automatinis espreso aparatas Panasonic NC-ZA1HXE

  • Precision Personalisation.
  • Modern touch screen design.
  • Compact elegance.
  • Fully automatic coffee at the tips of your fingers
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General Information 
Color  Stainless Steel & Grey  
Main Unit Material  Stainless steel and plastic  
Width  195 mm  
Height  335 mm  
Depth  410 mm  
Weight kg  10.3kg  
Rated Voltage  230 V  
Power Consumption  1550 W  
Operation Method  3.5" colour touch screen  
Water tank  1.4L detachable  
Beans tank  125g  
Beans and powder  Yes  
Bean hopper extension  125g  
Hot water function  Yes  
Water filter  Brita Intenza (not included)  
Bar  15  
Cup illumination  Yes, LED  
Cup heating  No  
Clean cycle  Yes  
Dishwasher proof  No  
Adjust coffee strength  Yes  
Adjust water amount  Yes  
Adjust coffee/milk balance  yes  
Adjust temperature  yes  
Adjust grinding degree  yes  
Adjust froth amount  Yes  
Programs  Espresso, crema coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato, hot milk, hot water  
Coffee statistics  Yes  
number of cups  1-2  
removable brewing unit  yes  
Retractable drip tray with water level indicator  yes  
Height-adjustable coffee dispenser  yes  
Removable water tank  yes  
integrated Coffee Grinder  yes  
making facilities  over 5000  
Auto power off  yes (1-5h)  
Coffee temperature control  5 steps  
heating mode  Eco/Standard/Standby  
aroma control  5 steps  
freenesses  5  
Memory setting  4  
milk hose  yes  
Latte macchiato plate  yes  
can function  3-6 mugs  
Integrated Cord Storage  Yes  
Milk system cleaning program  yes  
Standard Accessories (in the box) 
Measuring spoon  Yes (in the box)  
Cleaning brush  Yes (in the box)  
Descaling agent  125ml (in the box)  
Cleaning tablets  2 (in the box)  
Milk system cleaner  120ml (in the box)  
Water hardness test strip  Yes (in the box)  
Water filter adapter  Yes (in the box)  
short description  yes  
Standard Accessories (not in the box) 
Milk container  Yes NC-ZM1 (not in the box)  
Water filter  Yes Brita Intenza (not in the box)  
Note  UV-protected  
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