LED lemputė Panasonic LDAHV10L30H2EP

  • E27 Socket type
  • Classic Type Compact Size
  • High Efficiency 83% Energy Saving
  • Soft Warm Colour (2700K)
  • Long Life 15,000 hours
  • Energy Efficiency Class A+
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Energy Saving 
Nominal and rated lamp luminous flux in lumen (lm)  806  
Nominal and rated lamp Wattage Consumption (W)  10.0  
Wattage Incandescent Equivalent (W)  60  
Energy Saving Compared to Incandescent (%)  83.33  
EU label Energy Rating  A+  
Efficiency Lumen per Watt (lm/W)  80.60  
Color Quality 
Color Type  Soft Warm  
Color Temperature in Kelvin (K)  2700  
Color Rendering index (Ra)  80  
Light Bulb Diameter (mm)  55  
Light Bulb Weight (g)  67  
Base Socket  E27  
Light Bulb Length (mm)  108  
M3 volume (m3) LxWxH  0.00073  
Gross Weight (Kg)  0.089  
Net Weight (Kg)  0.067  
Frequency (Hz)  50/60  
Input Voltage (V)  220-240  
Input current (A)  0.064  
Dimmable  No  
Luminous intensity [cd] at 35˚ angle  N/A  
Luminous intensity [cd] at 24˚ angle  N/A  
Light Angle (degrees)  120  
Lamp Power Factor  0.64  
Spectral power distribution in the range 180-800 nm  See Graphic  
Color Consistency  6 SDCM  
Nominal and rated lamp lifetime in hours (h)  15,000  
Lifetime in years (at 2.7 hours average usage per day)  15  
Lumen Maintenance Factor at the end of nominal life  70  
Light Quick Start (lm)  0.1sec/100%  
Time to reach 60% of light output (sec)  Instant Full Light  
Starting Time (sec)  0.1  
Operating Temperature (degrees celsius)  0 - 40  
Number of Switching Cycles before premature lamp failure  100,000  
Ballast/Transformer  Built in  
Ambient temperature at which the lamp was designed to maximise its luminous flux [°C]  25  
lamp mercury content [mg]  0  
CE Mark  Yes  
Master Carton of 10 units EAN Code  15025232787712  
Individual EAN Code  5025232787715  
Bulbs Pcs / outer Carton Box  10  
Gamintojas Panasonic
Maitinimo įtampa 220 V
Cokolis E27
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